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New Mexico State University
Department of Campus Activities

NAMI on Campus New Mexico State University

NAMI on Campus New Mexico State University, is a student -led campus club that helps to address the mental health needs of students and raise mental health awareness around campus communities by providing peer support, education and advocacy on campus. To serve as a supportive group for students. Establish strong ties with counseling centers on campus and serve as volunteers for their support services. Educate and increase students', faculty, administrators' awareness of mental health issues. Provide information and resources on mental health conditions to the entire college community. Promote early detection and intervention of mental health conditions. combat the stigma that surrounds mental health conditions by increasing awareness of these conditions, their symptoms and available treatments. Advocate administrators and legislatures to improve mental health care services on campus and promote education about mental illness among students. Request and receive funds in support of all of the above.
Website: Not Available
President: Yvonne Aguilera
Advisor(s):Ruth Burkhart

Charter expiration date September 2014

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