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New Mexico State University
Department of Campus Activities

Panhellenic Council

(1) Consider the goals and ideals of member groups as continually applicable to campus and personal life.
(2) Promote superior scholarship as basic to intellectual achievement.
(3) Cooperate with member fraternities and the University administration in concern for and maintenance of high social and moral standards.
(4)Act in accordance with National Panhellenic Conference (NPC) UNANIMOUS AGREEMENTS.
(5) Endeavor to act in accordance with the NPC recommendations except where these By-Laws or Panhellenic Council rules, policies, or motions may supersede.
(6)Act in accordance with rules established by the Panhellenic Council so as to not violate the sovereignty, rights and privileges of member fraternities.
(7)Advise the Chapters and provide assistance to them by coordinating activities and programs and through the administration of Recruitment.
(8) To provide desired services to and for member fraternities.
(9) Represent the Panhellenic Association to the University, students, administrators, parents, the local community, and other bodies and institutions.
(10) Foster a sense of pride and community while facilitating growth and interaction.
President: Amanda Villa
Advisor(s):Tinsley Hembree

Charter expiration date September 2014

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