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New Mexico State University
Department of Campus Activities

Science Alliance- SEEDS/SACNAS

1. To increase diversity in the scientific community and increase opportunities for internships, careers and educational development for underrepresented students in science or related fields.
2. To participate and host community events for education and outreach pertaining to current and local scientific issues particularly water conservation and energy consumption.
3. To unite individuals from different departments of science and related disciplines under one organization with similar interest and goals.
4. To focus on building research experience for students interested in pursuing a career in science or furthering their education in graduate school. Graduate students will serve as mentors for undergraduates to narrow their interest and assist in internship, travel award, fellowship, and job applications.
5. To synergize with biomedical, engineering and other related sciences to emphasize research that benefits the community.
Website: Not Available
President: Maria Chavez
Advisor(s):Karen Mabry
Heather Throop

Charter expiration date September 2014

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